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Bag Voyaage offers convenient luggage tranportation throughout the continental US. Whether you’re traveling one way or round trip, Bag Voyaage adds value to your travel experience!

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To get the voyaage started simply provide the address to your travel destination. Whether to a residence, a hotel, or a place of business, Bag Voyaage makes it convenient for you!

Meet Your Bags at the Destination

Avoid waiting at overcrowded luggage carousels, include Bag Voyaage in your reservations and travel hands-free!

My Hands Free Travel Experience

I was nervous the first time I used Bag Voyaage. I traveled from MI to VA.  My bag was picked up from my job 3 days prior to my departure date. I remember driving my rental car to the hotel with a bit of anxiety.  My nerves were calmed as soon as I walked into the lobby and saw my bag behind the check-in desk..

So glad we decided to use Bag Voyaage!

“We were heading to Las Vegas from Ohio and when we arrived at the airport, after going through all of the chaos of security, we found out that our flight had been canceled. We were supposed to catch a connecting flight in Chicago and eventually arrive in Las Vegas. One of the gate workers began calling for people that needed to go…

Hands Free Travel with Bag Voyaage

” Hands-free travel with Bag Voyaage is the way to go. If you don’t know me, let me just tell you that I get very excited to share truly awesome things…. ”

Our mission is to offer a world class hands-free travel experience from start to finish.

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