About Us

Bag Voyaage is a domestic travel company headquartered in Michigan. We’re an industry leader in hands free travel providing luggage pick-up and delivery to travel destinations throughout the continental US and Canada.  With the rising costs of airline transportation fees, we offer a cost effective service that adds value, convenience, and reliability to airline travel. The hands-free travel experience begins at the customer’s place of choice, whether it’s a residence, a hotel, or a place of business. Bag Voyaage will pick up your luggage and deliver to the destination of your choice. Customers can choose our 3 day service or our economy service, which takes 4-5 travel days. For your convenience, we offer a tracking system providing luggage travel information.  

Schedule your hands-free travel experience with Bag Voyaage.  By combining low cost shipping with convenience, we aim to put enjoyment back into the travel industry.  Let Us Take Your Bags!

Start the Voyaage!

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, let Bag Voyaage add convenience to your journey by providing a hands-free travel experience. Get started today!