The Benefits

 Shipping Business to Business  
# of Bags: Bag Voyaage National Airline Averages
Two Bag Mininum $100 $60
-But No Delivery Service
Three to Five Bags $142.50 - $242.50
- w/ 5% Discount
$140 - $345
-But No Delivery Service
Greater than 6 bAGS $285
-w/ 7% Discount


Bag Voyaage offers travel solutions that save time, money, and stress

What are the benefits? We’re glad you asked.

Minimize airport chaos from juggling luggage, appeasing impatient kids, and attempting to answer ringing cell phones.

Avoid extra fees of traveling with over-weight luggage (up to 100lbs)

Remove the stress associated with lost luggage

Restore privacy of secured luggage from pick-up to delivery

By-pass waiting at luggage carousels! Head to your destination and meet your bags there!

Start the Voyaage!

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, let Bag Voyaage add convenience to your journey by providing a hands-free travel experience. Get started today!